Indoor Navigation Built with Google Maps

Welcome to the developer site of MapsIndoors by MapsPeople. You can integrate MapsIndoors into apps, web solutions and/or information kiosks using the MapsIndoors SDK. Get your hands dirty by digging into our guides, code snippets and reference material for the MapsIndoors navigation platform. The documentation and SDKs for both Web, iOS and Android are all available on this site. We strive to give you everything you need to know about how to setup an indoor navigation solution. Learn how to integrate indoor routing, building display and POI searching into your application. And if you have questions or need clarification, you can always contact our developers to get a fast reply and an answer. Read more about the available SDK’s.


Setup Google maps API

You need to setup the Google Maps API in your project by following the steps in this links below depending on which platform you are using :

Some Web Service APIs are needed also for the MapsIndoors SDK so make sure to enable them when getting your key:

Get a MapsIndoors Content Key and API Key

In order to include the mapsIndoors in your app you need a content key and possibly an API key that we provide to our customer so they can access their data, if you are not a customer you can use this content key 57e4e4992e74800ef8b69718 to follow this guide.

In order to include MapsIndoors in your own app with your own content, you need to contact MapsPeople to get your building drawings processed and hosted in the system. You will receive a unique content API key to use when access has been granted. If you are exploring how this service can become part of your own product, you can read about partnering with MapsPeople here.

Choose your platform

Now you have to choose the platform that you are working on to continue the steps.