Setting your app up for Kiosk mode

Posted on February 10, 2020

Please do the following before getting started:

  • Disable the on-screen keyboard in the operating system of the computer the kiosk will run on
  • Disable the browser’s position

Create Kiosk Locations in the CMS

Log in to the CMS and create a new Location Type. Give it a name like e.g. “Kiosk”.

Create all your physical kiosks as Locations in the CMS with the Location Type you just created.

Configure the Kiosk

To enable “Kiosk mode” you need to set a few parameters in the URL. The ? symbol have to be in front of the first parameter, and all other parameters are separated with an & symbol.

This is what the full URL for an app in Kiosk mode will look like:

Deconstruction the URL, this is what it contains:

  • demo is the Alias for your Solution (you can use an API key in the same way if an Alias is not set)
  • 899cf628675f4b0695669529 is the VenueID
  • ?origin=5a0d66192e33469c8909203d is the Location selected as “fixed origin”
  • &timeout=20 is the timeout period before resetting

origin aka. “Fixed origin”

The “fixed origin” is configured with the origin URL parameter followed by the location id of the Kiosk. The location id can be found in the CMS on the Location under the “Advanced” panel.

This is the place from which all directions will be given from.

Make sure this Locations exists in the Venue you set with the VenueID.

Rememember that if you move the physical Kiosk in your buildings you will have to update the position of the POI in the CMS as well.

timeout aka. “Reset kiosk”

To make the Kiosk reset after a fixed time of inactivity, use the timeout URL parameter. The timeout value is in seconds.

For the SMS feature to work, MapsPeople needs to activate it.

Moreover, MapsPeople needs to set phoneCountryCode in the Solution’s appConfig like so:

    "appSettings": {
        "phoneCountryCode": "45" // this is the country code for Denmark

The “Send as SMS” button only shows when getting a route between two MapsIndoors Locations, but this will not be a problem when the browser’s position is disabled, and a fixed origin is set.

The limit for sending an SMS to the same phone number is 3 messages per 10 minutes.

Keeping “Kiosk mode” active in the browser

Once you have constructed the URL with the right parameters, paste it into the browser to see if it looks right.

At this point, do not refresh the browser. If you refresh, the browser will not use the URL parameters, and the app is out of Kiosk mode. To reactivate the Kiosk mode, you need to go to the URL with the parameters again.

Lastly, the computer the Kiosk app runs on needs to be as locked down as possible to avoid the user visiting unauthorized websites. Get in touch with your project manager at MapsPeople to go over the best practices for this.